Friday Foodspiration: Chopped Detox Salad

Friday Foodspiration: Chopped Detox Salad

No need to buy fancy teas or juice cleanses to detox your body. You already have systems in place that do this for you every single day. However, these systems sometimes get sluggish or clogged up or just worn out from all the work we send their way. In this case, our digestive system - and especially our liver - need a little tender loving care.

The ingredients in this salad have nutrients and phytochemicals that help to liver do it’s job, as well as loads of fiber to help clean out your digestive system. If you missed it - I wrote a blog post earlier this week on this topic (Does My Body Need a Detox?)

Does My Body Need a Detox?

Does My Body Need a Detox?

Scroll through Facebook or do a Google search and you will find countless detox diet products and cleanses being sold. They make a really good case for why your body needs a detox. But do we really need that magic tea or $12 bottle of juice to get results?

Fortunately, we don’t need to shell out a bunch of cash or restrict our diet to only celery because our body has a natural detox system. Mother nature’s detox uses the skin, respiratory system, kidney, and liver to rid the body of toxins.

Dangerous compounds enter our bodies through our food, the air we breath, products we put on our skin, and heavy metals and chemicals we are exposed to in various ways. When these things are consumed, our body uses its natural detox pathways to remove them from the blood and excrete them so they don’t cause damage to our bodies.

Friday Foodspiration: Cinnamon Apple Bars

Friday Foodspiration: Cinnamon Apple Bars

I know it’s fall and everyone is obsessed with all things pumpkin spice. But please, I beg of you . . . don’t forget the apple cinnamon!

This bar is a cross between a shortbread cookie, an apple pie, and a Blondie. So, pretty much you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and has no added sugar. I use a combination of Swerve granulated and brown sugar substitutes to give more of a caramel taste.

Do I Run or Do I Rest?


Do I run or do I rest. . . That is the question!

If you run on a regular basis or are training to compete (St. Jude Marathon anyone?) you have likely experienced a flare up of pain or aches that nag at you. This is when a little bit of anxiety creeps in.

Does this mean you’re going to miss out on your social run this week?

Will you have to cut down your favorite exercise or training program?

How will you mange life's stress without the endorphin rush that comes with running?

When you experience these fears you are not alone!  Runner's World estimates that 66% of runners carry an injury at any given time. And nearly all of them worry that heaviness, fatigue, or cramp may becomes something more serious.

So, what is the BEST next step?

How do you decide if it's time to run through the discomfort or time to rest?

You can keep running if…

You ran yesterday and experienced a pain, let's say in your knee or ankle.  When you wake up the next day you wonder if you should take your morning run. If at that time there is no "pain" that's affecting you, then you're good to run!  Don't worry about what happened yesterday, but be aware if it returns.

Often, pain starts during a run.  Does it stop hurting if I reduce my speed or stride length or change my running surface or stop and stretch? If a simple adjustment in your running stops it then again it’s a good sign.

Finally, if you have  a muscle ache all through your legs or they feel heavy, it may just be fatigue. In this case, it's up to you.  A rest day may in fact improve performance, but running will not likely cause further injury.

You should rest if…

During a run you feel a sharp pain come on that doesn’t ease off, even when you slow down. It's time for a rest and it's best to apply ice right away in 10 minute intervals to calm down the problem.

Pain in a specific location of a previous injury is a red flag as well. This could be an exacerbation of a chronic injury or one not completely dealt with.  In this case, it's best to rest and get help to prevent an injury from reoccurring.

Finally, if you experience sudden swelling, a joint locking or giving way, severe pain, tingling, numbness, or pain along the bone itself you should stop and give us (or your healthcare practitioner) a call.

REST is NOT a Four Letter Word

If you find it is time to rest instead of run, do not be discouraged. A lot of our body’s adaptations and strengthening actually occurs when we rest.

Why do runners seem to dread rest so much when it's an essential part of the training process? In fact, a carefully selected rest day can make all the difference in your performance!

If you choose not to rest when it's needed, you run the risk of an injury becoming chronic. If you rest and self treat at home, but the pain doesn't go away in 48-72 hours, it's time to seek some professional help.

The more time that passes, the harder any injury is to treat. Ever wonder how professional athletes get back to training so quickly after an injury.  One major factor is that aches and pains are addressed sooner rather than later.

When it comes to your health, fitness and running lifestyle, it’s important to listen to expert advice. Request a Free Call with a doctor of physical therapy to ensure you are resting when you need to and pushing yourself appropriately to reach your goals.

Find out if your concerns require some hands on attention.  That way you can be sure to get back to running much quicker and safer like you deserve! Click the link below to request a call . . .

Friday Foodspiration: Maple Baked Butternut Squash

Friday Foodspiration: Maple Baked Butternut Squash

It’s time for fall vegetables and this twice baked version of butternut squash is beautiful for entertaining this season.

Although it takes a long time to bake, the actual preparation isn’t time consuming or difficult. You could even prepare this recipe a day ahead and then just do the final bake when you are ready to serve it. You can mix it up to make it more sweet or savory to your likely.

Gluten free, grain free, dairy free, no sugar added.

How to Ease Sore Joints to Sleep Tonight

How to Ease Sore Joints to Sleep Tonight

You may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep if your hips, knees, back or shoulders ache due to arthritis, osteoporosis, or fibromyalgia. How do we know it’s a problem? Because we hear it from clients every single day.

The relationship between sleep and pain is complicated. Sore joints can keep you up at night, and lack of sleep can make you more sensitive to pain. In fact, up to 90% of adults with chronic joint pain are unable to sleep well, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It turns out to be a vicious cycle.

Friday Foodspiration: Pumpkin Seed Granola

Friday Foodspiration: Pumpkin Seed Granola

eady for fall and all things pumpkin spice?

I’m easing myself in with pumpkin seed granola. A little sweet, not overly pumpkin spicy, and is a perfect Greek yogurt (coconut yogurt for me) topping.

It is packed with pumpkin and flax seed for a super healthy boost (especially if you are seed cycling*). The key to get the most bang for your buck with these seeds is to grind some of them in a clean coffee grinder in order that your body can best absorb the nutrients. A food processor isn’t quite as effective, but will do.

Also, I get the best crunch from granola when I make it in my food dehydrator but you could also make this in the oven set at the lowest setting, checking frequently for it to be brown and crispy.

Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Soy, Sugar Free.

Top 7 Ways to Beat Belly Bloat

Top 7 Ways to Beat Belly Bloat

We have all felt it after eating a big meal or overindulging on foods we know don’t agree with us . . . Belly Bloat. And for many of us it isn’t easy to beat.

 In fact, there were times I wasn’t able to fit in my regular clothes, I looked six months pregnant, and the discomfort left me unable to sleep.

I tried exercise and over the counter medication, but often resorted to just wearing different clothes. On my quest to beat belly bloat, I’ve tried just about everything, and I’ve found a few things that help.

But, when you feel like you’ve tried it all . . . Before you give up and resign to living with a bloated stomach, try these ideas to defeat belly bloat.

Friday Foodspiration: Asian Meatloaf

Friday Foodspiration: Asian Meatloaf

Asian American Fusion at it’s finest!

It’s the comfort food you love with the fun Asian flavors that you crave. I used similar ingredients that I would when making meat for a lettuce wrap but instead of standing of the hot stove to brown the meat and saute all the ingredients they all just got mixed in a bowl and put into my meatloaf pan.

This gluten, grain, dairy, and soy free dinner is great leftover for lunch or double to recipe to freeze one for later. Serve with rice, noodles, or stir fry veggies and dinner is ready!

Why You Should Ditch Your One a Day Vitamin

Why You Should Ditch Your One a Day Vitamin

According to some sources, the jury is still out on whether we need to supplement with a multi vitamin.

However, the Journal of the American Medical Associating and the Centers for Disease Control have both put out statements that due to the state of our food supply and the environment we live in, it is not probable that we are getting the nutrients we need just from our food.

Of course most of us get what we need to survive, supplements are required to meet our nutritional requirements to thrive. So for me and my family, taking a multi vitamin is our first step to fill in the nutritional gaps in our diet.

I realized a big problem when it comes to multi vitamins the other day when I was at Costco. There are way too many choices on the shelves of a big box store (and nearly endless options if you look on Amazon).

Which do you pick? Why do you pick it? Is price your number one factor in consideration?