7 Secrets to Staying Active at Mid Life

7 Secrets to Staying Active at Mid Life

A recent study confirms what we all probably already knew. As adults, we tend to become much less active as they reach their midlife years. For example, yesterday my 7-year-old son beat the entire family in our Fit Bit challenge with 28,942 steps AND he had it off for 2 hours while swimming at the pool.

 Need more proof? Researchers at the University of Texas completed a large scale study of activity levels among subjects 38 to 50 years old. As they followed them for ten years, they expected that intense training and activity would decrease, but they were surprised to find a decline in ordinary daily activities like walking as well.

 We like to think of a decline in activity to be an issue for those in their “senior" years, not something that will effect us at mid life when we are supposed to be going strong. It’s actually a serious issue, because after about age 30 we start to lose bone and muscle mass and gain weight more easily. In addition, our heart starts to become smaller and less flexible.

 The good news . . . research also shows us that at ANY AGE we can start to turn back the clock with regular and appropriate exercise. But, let’s not wait until our elderly years when we can actually see the results of bone and muscle loss. If we want to beat the odds, it’s important to start making choices in mid life that will lower our risk for serious conditions like osteoporosis, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and dementia.

Consider these tips for staying active and living healthy for those of us in mid life.

5 Nutrition Myths that Hold Athletes Back

5 Nutrition Myths that Hold Athletes Back

The 60-billion-dollar diet industry puts a lot of money behind their messaging to tell us to “eat this to perform better”, “never eat that if you want to be fit”, or “this one super food will change your body forever”.

It’s a culture interested in the lasted fad and finding that one thing that will make us all strong and lean over night. The fact is that it is not one thing that will build muscle, burn fat, make you faster, stronger, and perform at your best. It takes a combination of daily nutrition habits that are customized to your body and your goals. That being said, I can’t give you a blueprint here for what is should or should not be eating optimize your performance.

However, there are certain nutrition myths that many of us believe that could be holding you back on your fitness journey or limiting your performance as an athlete. Here are the 5 myths about nutrition that I see most often with friends and clients.

Friday Foodspiration: Mediterranean Baked Cod

Friday Foodspiration: Mediterranean Baked Cod

Did your family eat fish sticks as a kid? If so, you were likely eating cod, a mild flaky white fish. It is an easy introduction to fish for the whole family. It is lower in fat and calories than a fatty fish like Salmon (if you are tracking your macros), but boasts a lot of nutrition benefits.

Cod is high in selenium, B vitamins, potassium, omega 3 fats, and tryptophan making it a great addition to a nutrient dense diet. Ready to upgrade from frozen fish products to the real thing with Mediterranean Baked Cod?

Don't Make These Shake and Smoothie Mistakes

Don't Make These Shake and Smoothie Mistakes

Why do I start my day with a protein shake and recommend it to most of my clients?

  • It’s quick and portable when I’m on the run.

  • It’s easy to pack a lot of nutrients into one serving.

  • It’s starts my day with a good balance of protein and healthy fats.

  • It’s usually the only way I can meet my protein requirements for the day.

  • It eases my digestive system awake after my nightly fast.

  • It’s sets the tone for healthy eating throughout the rest of my day.

  • I’ve seen this one change get many clients huge health and weight loss results!

If you have been to one of our nutrition workshops you have heard me talk about each of these and how a protein shake can contribute to a day of balanced eating. And balanced nutrition is what leads us to meeting our performance, health, and weight loss goals.

The problem is, there are a lot of ways that the morning (or any time of day) protein shake can go very wrong. It can actually take you much further from your goals than closer.

Friday Foodspiration: Pumpkin Flatbread

Friday Foodspiration: Pumpkin Flatbread

Pumpkin doesn’t have to be reserved for the fall. It adds a micro nutrients and fiber to recipes year round. This slightly sweet Pumpkin Flatbread that pairs with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Pumpkin provides great moisture to that is usually lacking in gluten and grain free breads. The key to bready instead of soggy flat bread is to drain your pumpkin puree before adding it to the recipe.

The Truth About Tight Hips and the True Fix

The Truth About Tight Hips and the True Fix

After a tough leg workout, a long car ride to Destin, or a 10 hour workday, we have all felt a little tight through our hips. But, when clients come in complaining about “tight hips” they can mean many different things.

Sometimes tightness means just a little stiff in the morning, fatigue during a run, decreased range of movement, inability to perform a particular movement, pulling feeling while stretching, or outright pain with movement or bearing weight.

Friday Foodspiration: Crab Stacked Salad

  I have a favorite restaurant salad similar to this one that uses lobster, so I was excited to experiment with a crab "stacked" salad.  It looked so pretty I almost didn't want to eat it, but it tasted too good not to!

Similar to a cobb salad in ingredients, but topped with crab meat and a Old Bay Vinaigrette that reminds me of Maryland . . .Yum!

Made 2 dinner size portions or 4 side salads.

FullSizeRender (33)

FullSizeRender (33)


1/2 lb Lump Crab Meat

1 tbs Avocado Oil

2 strips Bacon, cooked

1/2 Avocado, diced

1 medium Tomato, diced

2 oz Blue Cheese, crumbled

2 cups Romaine Lettuce, chopped

Old Bay Vinaigrette

  • 1 tbs yellow mustard

  • 2 tbs lemon juice

  • 1 tbs Old Bay Seasoning

  • 1 tbs Avocado Oil


1. Heat oil in a small saucepan and saute crab meat until warm.

2. Assemble salad in order listed starting with crab, then bacon, etc in a cup, small bowl, or large ramekin.*

3. Turn the bowl over onto a plate and gently tap the top to loosen the ingredients.

4. Combine mustard, lemon juice, and Old Bay in a bowl and the whisk in oil.

5. Drizzle vinaigrette over the top of the assembled salad.

*Of course this would taste just as good all tossed together in a bowl!

Expert Secrets to Working Out Without Back Pain

Expert Secrets to Working Out Without Back Pain

There was a time - not so long ago - that doctors recommended bed rest for patients with low back pain. We now know that may be the worst thing you can do for your back in the long run. If they are up on the current research, your doctor is now more likely to recommend exercise.

Numerous studies have found that activities such as yoga, walking, or strength training can reduce back pain and disability dramatically. On the other hand, if it hurts to move, you could be afraid to even lace up your gym shoes.

Clients often tell us they feel trapped. They know that becoming stronger and more flexible will eventually provide relief, but it’s difficult to begin the healing process. Additionally, there is fear that they will further injure their back or cause another flare up when they hit the gym.

The good news - you can learn how to shape up without aggravating your aching back.

Friday Foodspiration: Eggcelent Pizza

Friday Foodspiration: Eggcelent Pizza

This is an Eggcelent Pizza!

The one thing I miss more than anything since ditching gluten and dairy from my diet is a good slice of pizza. I’m absolutely loving this frittata style pizza made crustless with scrambled eggs. I love cast iron, but you can use any oven safe skillet that you can start on the stove top and finish under the broiler.