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3 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Nap Today

by amanda, September 20, 2017

  Sleep in general has a wide range of health benefits from protecting against heart disease and obesity, improving bone strength, as well as memory.  But does that sleep have to be at night? In a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, researches found that a short nap could reverse the negative […]


What You Need to Know About Joint Replacement Sugery

by amanda, September 18, 2017

    Have you gotten to the point where you can just not tolerate your joint pain any longer?  Is it keeping you from doing the things and enjoying the people that you love? Have you truly tried every conservative option out there? Is the pain excruciating even during every day activities? If this sounds […]


Friday Foodspiration: Chrunchy Almond Chicken Tender Salad

by amanda, September 15, 2017

Ingredients: For Almond Chicken 1 lb Chicken Tenders 1/2 cup Finely Chopped Almonds 1/4 cup Almond Flour 1tsp Sea Salt 1/2 tsp Black Pepper 2 large eggs, lightly beaten For Salad 1 bag Spring Mix Lettuce 1 Bell Pepper (or a few mini peppers) 1 cup Cherry Tomatoes 1/2 cup Slivered Almonds, toasted For Dressing […]


5 Ways Life Is Better Without Joint Pain

by amanda, September 13, 2017

  When clients come in the door with joint pain, they often don’t have much hope.  They arrive not very optimistic that we can even help them, often having tried physical therapy in the past.  In fact they tell us time and again – “I have tried EVERYTHING!” Nearly everyone who suffers from chronic knee, […]


How to Loosen Up Stiff Joints and Prevent Pain

by amanda, September 11, 2017

  Severe, sharp pain in our joints or back will stop us in our tracks.  It’s a sign something serious is going on . . . and we better pay attention! However, more often our active clients biggest complaint is just feeling stiff.  It’s usually worse in the morning and means they can’t do things […]


Friday Foodspiration: Lemon Blueberry Overnight Oats

by amanda, September 8, 2017

Quick, healthy, and hearty breakfasts can be hard on school days.  Overnight oats is an easy answer.  Do all the measuring at night and pop it in the microwave in the morning.  The coconut sugar is the perfect substitute for the typical brown sugar used in oatmeal, providing a more natural sweetener with some redeeming […]


How to Stop Running in Fear After an Injury

by amanda, September 6, 2017

    This comment came in from a member of a local running club, wanting to know how to find the confidence again to run after an injury: “I liked your recent blog post on knee injuries, and I’m doing what you suggested. I’m continuing to train, but a lack of confidence is a big […]


5 Steps to Get Back to Running After an Injury

by amanda, September 4, 2017

  “I hurt my ankle a month ago, and want to know how long it’ll take to get back to running. It’s frustrating to not know if it’s safe to run again.” This is a question we get asked often and let me first say, I get the frustration! When an injury hits you and […]


Friday Foodspiration: BLT Zoodle Salad

by amanda, September 1, 2017

  Who doesn’t love a BLT? Salty bacon, sweet tomatoes, and crisp lettuce. . . You won’t even miss the toasted Wonder bread with toasty pine nuts to top it off.  ENJOY! Ingredients: For Salad – 2 large Zucchini, spiralized 1 head Romaine Lettuce, shredded 1 pint Cherry Tomatoes, halved 1 Green Onion, sliced thin […]


Get Out Of Your Running Rut Today and Enjoy Your Run Tomorrow

by amanda, August 30, 2017

  Eventually, most runners fall into is something called a“running rut.” Has this ever happened to you? You start a running program for a few weeks, or even months, and feel great about it.  You almost can’t imagine life without it!  But then, all of a sudden you find yourself in a slump.  YOu lack motivation […]