Strategies Top Golfers Use to Improve Their Game And Reduce Injury









As simple as it may look from the outside, golf is actually

a very complex sport. The movements require strength,

flexibility, and precision.


Golfers commit to long hours on the course and driving

range to perfect their swing and sharpen their game.

However, it's common for golfers to experience aches,

pains, and stiffness that not only effects the quality of

their game but also the longevity.


All the golfers I know, want to continue playing for

decades more.  It's an outlet for stress, opportunity for

community, and mini get away from real life. So how do

we ensure that pain doesn't limit movement that effects

your ability to play golf in the future. . . and even

improve your game TODAY?


Here are some powerful strategies that will help you hit

your golf ball farther, straighter, consistently and with

decreased risk of injury.


1. Warm up Properly


If you fail to warm up properly, you are setting

yourself up to fail.  Ideally, warm up for 15 minutes

beginning with stretching, then hitting with a wedge

using a smooth slow swing.  Work your way up to  longer

clubs ending with the driver.  Don't hit every club in the

bag, but also don't just work with one during warm up.


2. Stretch Daily


A regular stretching program can improve the range of

motion of your swing by up to 17 percent.  The wide,

fluid movement that results will help you avoid injury

and relieve chronic joint pain.


3. Strengthen Appropriately


The most important muscles to strengthen to improve

your golf game are those in your back - the same ones

most likely to be injured.  As we age our spine loses

strength, flexibility, and resilience.  A good exercise

program will maintain the quality of your swing and

prevent injury.


4. Fit Clubs Precisely


It’s helpful to see a professional club fitter as they will

fully understand your individual needs. Every golfer is

DIFFERENT in terms of size, age, gender and there lies

the problem with mass produced golf equipment, as it is

designed for a “standard” golfer


5. Practice Wisely


A lot of players go to the driving range and hit balls, but

not many go with a plan.  You must work on the specific

positions and movements you need to improve. This is

how you ingrain that movement in your swing.  You can

more closely simulate different shots on the golf course

by changing clubs every few swings and changing your



Bonus Tip: Get Physical Therapy!


Getting to see a hands-on specialist physical therapist

means you’re going to get very fast access to care that

will relax tight aching muscles, loosen stiff painful joints,

and help you strengthen your body so that you can go

back to playing the game you love.


At Peak Potential, our therapists specialize in functional

movement screening that focuses on isolating the

movement problems and faulty patterns in your body

that effect your game.  Our orthopedic manual physical

therapists will set up a treatment plan unique to your

needs and based on the unique  physical demands of

golf.  Inquire HERE to see if physical therapy could

enhance your golf game and help you prevent injury.


The are all things that you can do TODAY to improve

your golf game with a decreased risk of injury. There’s

obviously so much you can do too, and I could go much

more in-depth on exercises, programs, and drills. But, if

you apply these fundamentals to your game with

discipline they will make a huge difference to the quality

and longevity of your golf game.


If these tips aren't enough to get you performing at your

best, discuss your specific needs and concerns with a

physical therapist today by clicking HERE.