A Holistic Approach to Eye Health Across the Lifespan


Dr. Brandon Walley, optometrist and owner of Collierville Vision Center, talks with us about a holistic approach to eye health across the lifespan.

About Our Guest

Dr. Walley is a native of Madison, MS. He received his B.S. in Microbiology in 2004 from Mississippi State University. In 2008 he received his doctorate of Optometry from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis.

At his practice he specializes in primary care Optometry, Vision Therapy and Sports Vision Therapy. Dr. Walley believes in a holistic approach to eye care and often discusses nutrition and other lifestyle choices that have an impact on eye health. Through his vision therapy program he helps children and adults recover from eye muscle issues that can have a significant impact on learning or work related tasks. Lastly, through his sports vision therapy he helps athletes improve their vision so that they can perform better on the field or court. 

He lives in Collierville and is married with three children and two dogs. He enjoys spending his free time with his family, playing golf, exercising, and spending time outdoors. His also enjoys Mississippi State sports and New Orleans Saints football. Dr. Walley also loves to cook and share recipes with his patients.

In this months episode you will learn:

  • Why close to 50% of the population is now nearsighted and must wear glasses, where in the 80’s this was only about 20%

  • The top 3 causes of progression of nearsightedness and what to do about it

  • The symptoms related to eye muscle problems and how vision therapy can help

  • The exciting frontier of sports vision therapy and how it is improving performance in youth athletes through professional sports players.

Find out more about Dr. Walley and Colliervile Vision Center at www.colliervillevision.com. He also provides vaulable information and the most update information on health on his Instagram feeds. Follow him @colliervilevision.

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Digestion 101: The Missing Piece to Reaching Optimal Health


On this months podcast we have Mandy Nelson, a board certified doctor of naturopathy, personal trainer and fitness coach for over 15 years. As an athlete and active mom of two teenagers, she enjoys helping others lock down a successful course of action for getting health. She is currently a trainer and natural health practitioner at Elite Level in Collierville, Tennessee.

In today's episode, she shares her passion for natural digestive health. She believes that “fake foods”, our over-stressed lifestyles, as well as tech and sleep habits contribute to a body that has difficulty absorbing the nutrients we consume in our food. Maybe we aren’t actually what we eat but what we absorb. In addition, she teaches us how we can better take care of our gut to keep our whole body healthy.

In today’s interview you will learn:

  • How many of our country’s most common health issues can be solved by fixing the gut.

  • Why most adults are having a hard time digesting their food

  • Why we aren’t getting everything our body needs from our food and even supplements

  • How our bodies pH as tested through urine contributes to our health

Find out more about Elite Level and Mandy Nelson at their website www.elitelevel.net.

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Functional Medicine Fact vs. Fiction


This month on A Healthier Mid South, we have Kate Gassaway a board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and earned both her RN and MSN from University of Memphis. She entered the healthcare through a conventional family practice hoping for the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives. 

The more time she spent cycling patients through the practice and writing prescriptions, the more she felt that she was simply treating symptoms and not finding the root cause of her patient's illnesses. This drove Kate to open Solutions Medical where each and every patient can receive the personal care they need.  It has grown to be a "one stop shop" where patient's can look and feel their best and where functional medicine works alongside advanced aesthetics. 

In today's interview you will learn:

  • What is functional medicine?

  • Debunk myths about conventional medicine. 

  • Why you might want a functional practitioner on your healthcare team?

To learn more about Kate Gassaway and Solutions Medical you can visit them at solutionsmedicalcenter.com/

For more information on Functional Medicine you can visit the Institute for Functional Medicine at www.ifm.org/functional-medicine/  or Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic my.clevelandclinic.org/departments/functional-medicine/about

Welcome to A Healthier Mid South Podcast


A Healthier Mid South podcast is for people in the community who want to live a healthy, active, and fit lifestyle. In this introductory episode, your host Dr. Amanda Ling will explain the inspiration for the podcast and why she is passionate about sharing these upcoming interviews with local health and fitness professionals with the community. The expert knowledge discussed will be a great asset and resource to those who want to take full advantage of the amazing opportunities for wellness right here in the Mid South. This podcast is sponsored by Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness whose goal is to empower our community to transform their lives, stay independent and be active.