Quality Supplementation

We teach people to achieve a healthy lifestyle through balancing nutrition and utilizing the supplements which support that.


Dr. Trevor Ling

Physical Therapist

Have you come to your wits end with a healthcare system that waits until you are sick to address your health?  Are you seeking alternative ways to stay healthy and fit?  Do you know you aren’t feeling and performing at your best but aren’t sure what to do about it? Are you confused by all the “diets” you see online and the supplements lining store shelves?

With the thousands of multivitamins, minerals, and other unpronounceable supplements on stores shelve, it’s no wonder people are confused. 

Are you ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle . . . if only you knew how? Then, you have come to the right place.

Do you desire to add muscle, enhance your workouts, or efficiently recover from strenuous activity? Look no further!

We Give People the Information They Need to Make Informed Decisions About the Nutrition Plan and Supplements that Best Fits Their Unique Lifestyle.

Well balanced nutrition and filling your plate with whole foods is always the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  What you put in your body will affect how your body performs?  If you have been eating poorly and neglecting supplementation for awhile, you may not even know how good your body is designed to feel, move, and function.

The problem is a lack of energy results in poor food choices, stress sends us to the vending machine, and a lack of sleep leads us to unhealthy snacks. In addition, current farming practices and environmental toxins result in lower nutrient content of the health foods we do eat (according to the USDA).  Add on, digestive dysfunction and stress keeping us from absorbing up to 80% of those nutrients . . . We Must Fill In The Holes With Supplementation.

So Here’s Who WILL Benefit From Quality Supplementation...

  • You love to keep active or exercising and feeling healthy is an important part of your life that you want to maintain
  • You want to ensure that you and your loved ones are getting the important nutrients necessary for optimal health
  • You experience stress, are exposed to environmental toxins, or take prescription drugs depleting your nutrient stores
  • You are looking for ways to improve your immune system, energy, or mental clarity
  • You are concerned about a decline in your metabolism and want to improve your body composition

And Here Are The BIG Benefits Of Optimal Nutrition Through Supplementation...

  • More Energy to exercise with improved performance and quicker recovery time
  • Improved metabolism to effortlessly maintain a healthy weight and body composition
  • Reduce the risk of chronic disease and inflammation by achieving optimal nutrition
  • Stress management and improved sleep to be your best at work and at home

We challenge you to take back control of your nutrition and your life with help from our team. Our Wellness Coach is uniquely trained as a physical therapist, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and AdvoCare Independent Distributor.

Are you overwhelmed by the latest “eat this, not that”? Let’s go back to the basics of balance nutrition.  With a little guidance, you can find the best balance of carbs, proteins and fats for YOUR BODY!

During a one hour Hands On Nutrition Workshop, you will learn to balance your nutrition and identify the supplements that will support that.  You will walk away with a plan literally in hand that you can implement immediately!

Call the button below to inquire about our next FREE Workshop.  Due to the individualized and “hands on” nature of this workshop, space is very limited and there is often a wait list for these events. 

Not ready to schedule that workshop yet?  E-mail Amanda, our wellness coach, at Amanda@peakpotentialpt.com with your questions and concerns.