Success Stories

Meet Kate, 61, with elbow and neck pain

I was on the verge of giving up hope of ever running again thanks to plantar fasciitis. Trevor was highly recommended by several friends. One friend swore that I could get back my feet/legs again if I just see Trevor but I was very doubtful that PT could change it. I went from having excruciating pain for a year to pain level of zero after several weeks with Trevor. My first day at PT, I came into his office with all my gadgets and gizmos that I had bought online from creams, braces, supports and rollers. I wanted to be clear that I had tried just about everything! He worked with me for several weeks as I continued to improve. Thanks to Trevor I can run again. I can even last an entire soccer or rugby game and even started training for a marathon last year. I returned to him when I had a knee injury and like magic within weeks I was back up and running. He is a pleasure to be around, a great listener, and always optimistic. He is my go-to-wizard for injuries.
— Fara Captain – 30 y/o female
With my new hobby of running, the constant impact created pains in my leg. I tried running through the pain, but eventually it was too much and reluctantly went to visit a physician. I was told that arthritis in my knee and was given medication. I didn’t like that option, so I set up an appointment with Trevor. After a couple of weeks, Trevor and his team had not only eliminated the pain, but strengthen my leg better than before. Trevor and his team were great by explaining the issues while working with me so I could understand what was happening. I have recommended Trevor to the running groups, family, and friends.
— J.H.
As a lifelong soccer player, I have experienced my fair share of injuries, primarily to my knees. When I was beginning to experience knee pain as an adult and I knew I wanted to find a physical therapist who I could trust to provide excellent care and focused attention. I had only ever received PT at places where I rarely received therapy from my actual physical therapist. I was immediately put to ease when I worked with Trevor, as he provided HIS attention to getting my knee healed and stronger in order to return to the activities I loved. I cannot say enough how much it meant that he took the time to fully assess my knee, provide a plan for healing, and then worked directly with me throughout my recovery. He has provided the same great care to my husband and our family is so thankful we have someone like Trevor to turn to when we experience any type of injury or pain.
— Lee O. – 31 y/o
I came in to see Trevor because of a bad pull in my hamstring. I pulled my hamstring during a race and kept running on it for months before deciding that it was finally time for me to see a Physical Therapist. I could tell that it was not getting better and only worse so I knew I needed to get some help. A close friend of mine was seeing Trevor for Physical Therapy and had so many wonderful things to say about him! The first time she was talking about the improvements she had made with Trevor through physical therapy, I realized that this was the same Trevor that I went to elementary school with!

I hesitated to go to Physical Therapy at first because of the time commitment as well as the fear that I would have to take time away to heal from something that I loved to do! I improved through Physical Therapy and was able to learn some exercises that I could do at home and at the gym as well to strengthen my hamstring muscles. Like many runners I still have “tight” hamstrings but do not experience the pain after running as I was before. I have been feeling great and enjoying my runs more than ever! I should also add that I am enjoying them cancer free now as well!
— Katie H. – 35 y/o
Trevor is an excellent physical therapist who not only has a great rapport with his clients, but takes a personalized professional approach with each and every one of them. I have experience this first hand for the past six years as Trevor has help myself and several of my teammates recover quicker from injuries so we can continue to live our weekend warrior lifestyle. Specifically I had severe tightness and pain in my calf and hamstring. I was unable to run at all until I experienced Trevor’s treatments. He had me running in no time. Trevor balances cutting edge techniques with tried and true treatments to individually craft a plan to get his patients back to doing whatever they want to do no matter if it is recovering from an injury or simply just battling father time. I would highly recommend Trevor for any and all physical therapy needs!
— C.C. – 42 y/o male rugby player
It was the first time in three months I felt relief from not one, but two frozen shoulders. Trevor and his style of PT was everything a co-worker had described. My doctor prescribed PT within his practice, so I hesitated to heed my friends advice. Mistake? Oh yeah… I always felt better after a session with Trevor. The types of PT Trevor used to get me through this difficult experience has literally given me my life back. From kayaking the Chicago River with my granddaughter to fishing every weekend. Would I recommend Trevor Ling to my family and friends? Yes, I would!

It was one of the most difficult experiences I’ve had to deal with it. I cried from the pain I received from my first experience with PT. I cried with relief after my first visit with you. I wish you and your wife all the best in your new venture. Make sure to let me know when and where, so I can continue to offer hope to those in need of a great Physical Therapist.
— Dixie E.
It has been over a year since I saw Dr. Ling for issues I was having with my leg. As an avid runner I began to have trouble with my hip and IT band. I was worried I would not be able to run long distance again but with Dr. Ling’s knowledge, encouragement and guidance I am happy to say I have run three marathons since I saw him. I became stronger and more flexible through the weekly PT sessions with him that included exercises, movements and stretches to build my core and leg strength. He also provided detailed exercises and stretches to perform at home. I have continued to use these in my daily life and have been pain free since. Dr. Ling is an exceptional Physical Therapist that I would recommend to anyone. He is very personable and really listens to his patients. Thank you for all of your help in getting me back to top running shape!

You honestly did help me get back to running shape and I will help you in anyway I can! I even ran the “dopey” in January… it is 4 straight days of running… 5k/10k/half marathon then a full marathon all in a row so 48.6 miles in 4 days. I could not have done that without the exercises and stretches you showed me!
— A.B. – 36 y/o female runner
I am a runner and tend to have your typical running ailments… plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, muscle strains. I’ve worked with a PT for years to stay in good running shape. I’ve also suffered from a bulging disc in the past, which required PT as well as a broken ankle.

My husband started seeing Trevor many years ago and referred me to him. I was having low back pain from a bulging disc and had been fairly out of commission for many months. I was looking for someone with a fresh perspective who would spend time working with me. My job requires me to be active and I needed to find a PT who understood that keeping me on my feet while rehabbing was my only option.

I was excited to see someone new. No hesitations as Trevor came highly recommended. I really like that Trevor doesn’t only “fix” the problem but also looks for the root cause. I appreciate that he understands my lifestyle and will do his best to keep me on my feet, even if rehabbing an injury.

I have recommended Trevor to many friends and clients. I have found that Trevor is great at getting to bottom of the problem and working his way up rather than just finding a way to mask the current symptoms. I love that he’s progressive and whether I need manual manipulation, or exercises, or whatever it may be, he helps me figure it out.
— S.R. – female runner, and running coach
I am 42 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Ling’s since 2007 to treat problems resulting from multiple sports related injuries incurred over several decades (motorcycle racing, soccer, water sports, weight lifting). After multiple MRI’s I decided to pursue physical therapy before committing to any forms of surgery and was recommended to Dr. Ling as one of many resources in the Memphis area. I selected Dr. Ling, then he and staff took ample time to listen to me and understand my symptoms in order to isolate the problems I was experiencing, and then Dr. Ling was able to strategically formulate and communicate a plan for my rehabilitation. He has treated all of my sports related injuries: lower back troubles, plantar fasciitis, complex shoulder injuries and several others.
— J.H. – male, Germantown, TN
Last year, I injured myself working out and tore my hamstring. I’ve never done that before, but knew immediately given the pain and sound. I quickly realized that I was going to need help rehabilitating it and after a visit to the doctor, I called Trevor Ling whom I had known since high school.

I can’t speak highly enough of the well thought out rehabilitation care that Trevor and his staff gave to me over the course of time I was there. One of the first things I was most impressed with was that Trevor didn’t just jump right into therapy with me. He was very careful to take a solid baseline of the injury so that he and his staff were very aware of what they were working with over the coming months. Once we established that baseline during the first 1-2 sessions, each treatment was more progressive in getting me back to my normal life and that was Trevor’s ultimate goal. I can honestly say that each session helped my injury.

One of the great things about Trevor and his staff is that they all seemed to be on the exact same page. At times, Trevor may have been with another patient and one of his staff members would step in and work with me. They knew exactly where Trevor had left off and knew what to do. I didn’t have to spend anytime rehashing my range of motion or describing my injury with the other staff members and that saved a lot of time as I could just work on my injury. Along those same lines, Trevor runs a tight ship and I never had to sit in a waiting room. This was critical as I have a family, a full time job and very little time during the day to take care of myself. If I knew I would have to wait for Trevor or his staff, I probably would have stopped going to rehab and the injury would have never fully healed.

Trevor was also very creative, seemed to be very on top of the latest techniques and appropriately pushed me when I didn’t necessarily feel like I could do more. I can’t say enough positive things about his awareness, bedside manners and overall professionalism in his line of work. Without a doubt, I would recommend Trevor to anyone that needs physical therapy and will certainly go back to Trevor’s clinic should I ever need that type of care again.
— R.B. – 36 y/o
I was first brought to physical therapy due to a work related injury to my back. I am a massage therapist and frequently injure myself while taking care of others. I was refereed to Trevor by another massage therapist, which highly recommended him. After just one visit I felt immediate relief both mentally and physically. Mentally because I finally found someone to take care of me and physically because he eased my pain and set me on the right path to healing. Since seeing Trevor my quality of life has improved which has allowed me to better take care of my clients.
— L.R.
I first saw Trevor for treatment in the summer of 2011 while I was in the thickest part of my preparation for Ironman Florida. I had been training very hard for several years without injury and I had a few issues about 3 months before the race. I was very worried as this was a very important race and milestone for me. I had heard of Trevor through my primary care provider and decided to give him a shot.

From the get go, Trevor was very inquisitive of my goals, history, training and capabilities. I really appreciated this concept because he understood what I was trying to do, and supported me, rather than trying to derail my plans. Everything Trevor did for treatment was in an effort to get me back on track of my training and racing.

I was extremely happy with the results given the situation. I came in to Trevor with a stress fracture in my sacrum, and a pretty significant hip muscle imbalance. I went from being able to running for 3.5 hours straight to barely being able to run around the block without pain. Trevor addressed the issue, worked on my core muscles, told me proper ways to increase strength while not impacting my hip issue and scheduled periodic performance checkups to see how the treatment plan was working.

While the hip injury was obviously a little longer lasting, after the treatment plan I was able to complete my race within my ability at the time without injury. Trevor took me from extreme pain to not much pain in a much shorter time period than I had thought. I honestly thought that my season was scrapped when my hip began to hurt initially, and had discussed with my coach on scrapping the event as a whole.

I would recommend Trevor to anyone, not just folks with an active life style. The approach he takes for treatment is equal parts logic and intelligence, mixed with a lot of professionalism. Trevor really does care, which is comforting to know.
— W.S.
I went to see Trevor after injuring my back playing soccer (side note probably should give that up after 30). Trevor took me through a series of sessions to help alleviate pain I was having in my back and upper legs. He took the time to listen to my concerns and came up with a plan that would get me pain free and back to running fairly quickly. If you are looking for a professional that works with you to reach your rehab goals, he is your man!
— R.R. – 35 y/o male
My wife and I had seen several physical therapists for recurring pain, but the subsequent relief seemed to be short lived. The other therapists seemed to take a “one size fits all” approach which did not always work. Trevor Ling was referred to us and we both sought an assessment followed by a customized course of treatment. The result has been the longest last period without pain or recurrence of the issues that plagued us. We would recommend Trevor to anyone seeking a sustainable treatment plan for enjoying daily life.
— L.M. and K.M.
I had major back surgery (L-3 and L-5) in late 1980 and spent 3 months in a wheelchair. Through extensive physical therapy, I was able to walk again, albeit with a limp. Over the years, I occasionally had lower back pain and would be out of alignment (did not stand straight). I went to various PT offices over time with moderate success.

In 2006 (Trevor, I am not sure of the date or year), I was experiencing more difficulty than before. Trevor Ling had returned to Memphis with his doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have know him all of his life. Many close friends had received excellent treatment from Trevor. I do not normally conduct business with friends or family since I am concerned that an unfavorable outcome might destroy that relationship. His office was very close to where I worked so I decided to give Trevor a try despite my friend/family hesitation.

My results were exceptional. I had 8 or so appointments and Trevor worked with me on each visit. He might have had another PT work with me for a few minutes but he always gave me direct attention. After completing those treatments, I have not needed to return for any follow-up treatments in years. I wish that I could say that I have continued the exercises that Trevor recommended but I have been pain free without exercise. Obviously, Trevor helped me a great deal and I would recommend him to anyone needing physical therapy.
— C.B.R. – 7/6/1947
I had heard Trevor’s name for years and what an incredible Physical Therapist he is! Many told me that they had tried several others and did not get near the results they did with Trevor.

I had a frozen shoulder and was in quite a bit of pain for months. I remembered the testimonials about Trevor and called up for an appointment. On the first session I knew I had made the right decision! Trevor is incredible! He manipulated my shoulder and gave me relief from pain for the first time in months! He is caring, thoughtful and gifted. I have recommended him many many times since!!
— P.A.M. – 59 y/o female
I was experiencing severe lower back pain from over exertion. I was having trouble sleeping and difficulty walking upright without pain. A previous client suggested I go see Trevor, since he had suffered from the same issue, and had great success reducing his pain. Trevor gave me individual attention and made me feel like I was his only client. He customized a plan of attack to target the pain through various stretches and treatment options. He made it very easy to work with my insurance company as well as providing a referral to a local doctor when it became necessary for medication. I strongly recommend Trevor to anyone who is in need of physical therapy.
— G.O. – 31 y/o male
I began seeing Trevor for pain in my back, neck, and shoulders, based on recommendation from my husband. My primary hesitation in beginning any type of physical therapy was the time required. However, Trevor always worked with my schedule, and made sure that I was eventually able to get past the pain on my own, which made the time commitment a lot easier to deal with. I still use the pain management techniques that Trevor taught me, and appreciate having them in my “toolbox.” I loved working with Trevor because his techniques were effective, because he genuinely cared about me as a patient, and because he is enjoyable to be around. I would recommend Trevor to anyone – he is wonderful!
— Tiffany B. – 34 y/o
I began seeing Trevor several years ago for ankle pain, after my ankle reconstruction. Following that, I have seen him for multiple issues over the years. He has helped me at different times with my lower back, knees, and elbow. I chose to see Trevor based on his experience, and his relationship with the rugby team. I continued to see Trevor through multiple issues because his treatments worked, and I enjoy his demeanor. If one of his treatments wasn’t working well enough, he always had ideas for an alternative. He gave me exercises to do at home as well, which were very helpful. Most importantly, his focus was always on eventually moving past therapy for a given issue – managing the pain to the point where appointments were no longer needed. I would recommend Trevor to anyone, and – because my work and hobbies are so rough on my body – foresee myself being a patient of Trevor’s for years to come.
— D.B. – 45 y/o